Mae Thomas Award for Excellence in First-Year Composition

Mae Thomas Award for Excellence in First-Year Composition

This award honors the memory of Mae Thomas, a faculty member in the Department of English and an administrator in NIU's CHANCE program.

The Mae Thomas Award recognizes the best essays written to fulfill ac ourse assignment in ENGL 102 or ENGL 103P. All such essays are welcome for submission; subject matter, mode of development, and length are unspecified.


Any student enrolled in any section of First Year Composition English during the preceding Summer, Fall, or Spring term is eligible to submit an essay for the contest.


A cover sheet should accompany the essay and should include:

  • student's name
  • local and permanent addresses
  • local and permanent phone numbers
  • course and section number of the course in which the paper was submitted (this is not necessary for original essays).

The cover sheet is the ONLY sheet on which the student's name should appear.

Essays can be turned in to the First Year Composition secretary, at the English office, Reavis Hall, Room 215. Essays can also be placed in the mail slot on Room 214 outside of regular office hours.

A copy of the guidelines for submission can be obtained in the English department office, Reavis Hall, Room 215, or from this Web Site.