Gulsat Aygen

Melissa Adams-Campbell

Gulsat Aygen



Office: RH 319


Educational Background

Ph.D. Harvard University; 2002
M.A. Bogazici University, Turkey; 1998
B.A. Bogazici University, Turkey; 1996

Professional Interests

Linguistic Theories, Syntax, and Morphology
Brain and Language
English as a Second Language
Turkic Linguistics, Kurdic Linguistics
Comparative Linguistics

Selected Publications

  • 2014. *English Grammar: A Descriptive Linguistic Approach.* Kendall-Hunt.
  • Chomsky on Anarchism/Anarsizm Üzerine Chomsky. Trans. Ed. Gulsat Aygen. Istanbul: Agora Publications, 2013.
  • "Some linguistic issues in Turkish as a foreign language textbooks." Journal of Linguistics and Literature/ Dil ve Edebiyat Dergisi 9:1. 27-38.
  • "Morpho-syntactic Variation and Methodology: Problems and Possible Solutions." Journal of Linguistics and Literature 8.1 (2011): 1-14.
  • "Reduced Relatives and the Location of Agreement." California Linguistic Notes 36.1 (Spring 2011).
  • Kurmancki/Zazaki Kurdish Grammar. Languages of the World Materials 479. Munchen: Lincom Europa, 2010.
  • Canetti, Elias. Crowds and Power/Kitle ve Iktidar. 4th ed. Trans. Gulsat Aygen. Istanbul: Ayrinti Publications, 2010.
  • “How Many Manifestations of the ‘Copula’ Can a Language Employ?” Journal of Linguistics and Literature. 2009.
  • "The production of Turkish relative clauses in agrammatism: Verb inflection and constituent order." With T. Yarbay-Duman and Y.R.M. Bastiaanse. Brain and Language 105.3 (2008): 149-60.
  • Kurmanji Kurdish Grammar. Munchen: Lincom Europa, 2007.
  • "Syntax and Semantics of Genitive Subject-Case in Turkic." California Linguistic Notes 32 (Spring 2007): 1-39.
  • Finiteness, Case and Clausal Architecture. MIT Occasional Papers in Linguistics 23 (2004).