Master of Arts in English: TESOL

Graduate Studies in TESOL

(Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)


The focus on various aspects of teaching English to speakers of other languages is intended for students and educators who wish to study English as a Second Language (ESL), English as a Foreign Language (EFL), multicultural education, or communication skills.


Track I: at least 30 hours required and foreign language requirement

Track II: at least 36 hours required

Required Courses

Students must take each of the following courses. Students are strongly encouraged to enroll in English 615 and English 622 in their first semester, if offered. All courses can be taken for three semester hours of credit unless otherwise indicated.

  • English 608   Research Methods in Applied Linguistics
  • English 615   Descriptive Linguistics
  • English 617   Phonology
  • English 618   Morphology and Syntax
  • English 622   Theories and Methods of TESOL
  • English 623   Second Language Acquisition

Additional Courses

Course work in anthropology, education, English, language, philosophy, rhetoric, and/or psychology, chosen in consultation with the adviser (12-18).

For further information, contact:

Department of English
Northern Illinois University
DeKalb, Illinois 60115
(815) 753-1608