Master of Arts in English: English Education

This area of study is primarily designed for English language arts professionals who are currently teaching in the schools. It provides advanced study in pedagogical content knowledge for high school and middle school English teachers. Students interested in initial teacher certification in English should consult the teacher certification coordinator as soon as possible.


Track I: at least 30 semester hours and foreign language required

Track II: at least 36 semester hours required

Required (3 semester hours)

English 601 Bibliography and Methods of Research

Electives in pedagogy (9 semester hours)

  • ENGL 604 Topics in Materials for the English Classroom (3-9)
  • ENGL 622 Theories and Methods of TESOL
  • ENGL 623 Second Language Acquisition
  • ENGL 646 The Teaching of Literature in Middle and High Schools
  • ENGL 647 The Teaching of Writing in Middle and High School
  • ENGL 648 Materials and Methods of Teaching English in Middle and High School
  • ENGL 697 English Institute

Electives in Language, Literature, and Rhetoric (15-24 semester hours)

In consultation with the advisor, choose at least two courses from literature, one course from linguistics, and one course from rhetoric.

Other Electives (0-9)

In consultation with the advisor, as many as three (Track I) or nine (Track II) hours of course work may be taken outside the department in such areas as communication, curriculum and instruction, media, reading, special education, etc.