Master of Arts in English: Film and Literature

Graduate Studies in Film and Literature


The Department of English offers a Master of Arts degree with a special focus in Literature and Film-- a comprehensive, interdisciplinary examination of the relationships between traditional literary study and the cinema. The focus is designed for students from a wide variety of undergraduate degrees (Communication, Education, English, Film, Theater, etc.); for teachers in the broad range of language skills and art; and for professionals in the media. Its purpose is to study how the cinema engages, appropriates, and extends the forms, philosophies, and values of literature.

The degree requires no foreign language and requires that degree candidates pass an interdisciplinary master's examination.


Track II: at least 36 hours required

Required Courses

All courses can be taken for three semester hours of credit unless otherwise indicated.

English Department (15-18 hrs.)

  • English 601   Bibliography and Methods of Research
  • English 604   Topics for the English Classroom: Teaching Film
  • English 690   Literature and Film
  • English 691   Topics in Literature and Film

Electives in modern British and American literature, rhetoric, or theory and criticism (24)

Course work in communication studies, instructional technology, history, and/or philosophy may be used as electives with consent of adviser.

Electives from outside the department are typically chosen from those listed below:

  • COMS 554   Transnational Communication and Media
  • COMS 556C   History of Film
  • COMS 557   The Documentary Tradition
  • COMS 562   Film Theory and Criticism
  • COMS 566   Narrative Scriptwriting
  • COMS 649   Media and Culture in Ireland
  • COMS 656   Feminist Film Theory
  • ETT 430   Survey of Instructional Technology
  • ETT 455   Media Design Techniques
  • ETT 531   Visual Literacy
  • PHIL 562   Philosophy of Culture
  • PHIL 633   Aesthetics


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