Master of Arts in English: Linguistics

Graduate Studies in Linguistics


The focus in general linguistics involves the scientific study of human language. Courses focus on the analysis of sound structure, word structure, syntax, and meaning in English and other languages, as well as on discourse, language variation, language teaching, and first and second language acquisition. This focus is designed for those with a particular interest in the structure and function of human language.

Required Courses

  • ENGL 608 Research Methods in Linguistics
  • ENGL 615 Descriptive English Linguistics
  • ENGL 617 Phonology
  • ENGL 618 Syntax
  • ENGL 620 Semantics
  •      OR ENGL 633 Pragmatics and Discourse

At least one course from the following

  • ENGL 606 Morphology
  • ENGL 611 History of the English Language
  • ENGL 616 Pedagogical Grammar
  • ENGL 619 Varieties of English
  • ENGL 620 Semantics
  • ENGL 621 Topics in Linguistics
  • ENGL 623 Second Language Acquisition
  • ENGL 633 Pragmatics and Discourse
  • ENGL 634 Linguistics and Literature
  • ENGL 714 Seminar: English Linguistics

Additional coursework (12-18)

Coursework in Anthropology, Computer Science, English, Language, Philosophy, and/or Psychology, chosen in consultation with the adviser.

For further information, contact:

Department of English
Northern Illinois University
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