2004 Faculty Summer Institute on Learning Technologies

Faculty Exemplar:  Electronic Portfolios

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Michael Day
Northern Illinois University

Why Portfolios?
Why Electronic Portfolios?
A Humble Beginning: Electronic Portfolios in First-Year Composition at NIU

1. History and Overview
A. Electronic portfolio initiatives
Faculty development workshop on electronic portfolios, 2001
Society for Technical Communication workshop on professional electronic portfolios, 2001
Undergraduate Research Apprenticeship Program on electronic portfolios, 2002
Professional electronic teaching portfolios for pre-certification teachers, 2002

B. Assessment initiatives in First-Year Composition

We were aware of

Where should assessment start? Program Outcomes?
We looked to the national organization for writing program administrators, the Council of Writing Program Administrators.

WPA Outcomes Statement

Northern Illinois University's First Year Composition Program Outcomes Statements

2. Pulling the assessment and electronic portfolio strands together: the pilot program

Spring 2003:
Two local grants gave us support to go ahead with an electronic portfolio pilot project to:

Summer 2003: Fall 2003: Spring 2004:

3. General results of the pilot project so far

4. Implications: Where we go from here
5. Examples of NIU Electronic Portfolio Initiatives

Department of Geology and Environmental Geosciences
Electronic Portfolio Guidelines for Teacher Certification Candidates
Physics Department Course Syllabus
Electronic Portfolio is 70% of final grade
Historical (1997) English 300A Electronic Portfolio Instructions
Students in Advanced Composition were required to submit portfolios in web format on floppy disks
English 300C Teacher Certification Portfolio Instructions
Students in Advanced Composition for Teacher Certification must begin the rigorous Teacher Certification Portfolio, requiring detailed, explicit instructions
English 300C Teacher Certification Professional Electronic Portfolio Instructions
As part of our effort to professionalize our teacher certification candidates, we have them begin electronic teaching portfolios
Student-Writing Portfolios: From the 3-Ring Binder to the “E”-Ring Binder
An undergraduate research project by two senior teacher certification students who wanted to know more about portfolio learning and assessment
Proposal for Electronic Portfolio Program Assessment Pilot Project in First-Year Composition
Funded by David Raymond Grant for the Use of Technology in Teaching and sponsored by NIU's Faculty Development and Instructional Design Center.  Pilot is currently in progress
Communication Department Undergraduate Capstone Portfolio
Scroll down to "COMS 495B Capstone Project Senior Portfolio," which describes a portfolio that must be submitted in print and CD formats
School of Nursing Portfolio Rubric
Includes the scoring sheet used by portfolio reviewers
School of Nursing Portfolio Top Ten Questions
A handy guide for Nursing students to complete their portfolios
A Sample Course in the Preparing Tomorrow's Teachers to Use Technology Program
Includes electronic portfolio instruction and development
Department of Leadership, Educational Psychology and Foundations Electronic Portfolio Template
Has an excellent tutorial and links to standards for educational administrators
Department of Teaching and Learning Student Portfolio Basics
Has an extensive outline of the teaching portfolio creation process
E-Portfolios: Concepts and Considerations Workshop by Jason Underwood
Scroll down to the sixth item under workshop to see the description.  Part of the CENTTER Project Spring 2003 Technology Showcase

6. Examples of NIU Electronic Portfolios

A Sample Instructional Technolology Graduate Student Electronic Portfolio
This student creates a highly professional persona through a well-crafted electronic portfolio
A Sample Technical Communication Graduate Student Electronic Portfolio
This was a final project for Michael Day's Fall 2000 Writing for Electronic Media Class
A Sample Science Education Portfolio
Showcases teaching philosophy, standards, learning through observations, and more
Art Department Senior Show Electronic Portfolios
Showcases the more creative side of student design work

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