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To the readers of Style
I have an exciting announcement for you. Starting January 2, 2015, The English Department, through the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences though Northern Illinois University, will partner with Pennsylvania State University Press to publish Style. The English Department, through the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences at Northern Illinois University, will continue to own Style in perpetuity, and, for at least two more years, I will remain as Editor. After January 2015, The Pennsylvania State University Press will become responsible for all publishing functions, with the exception of peer-review, including marketing, copy-editing, cover design and establishing pricing. All major decisions will be made in conjunction with the Editor at Northern Illinois University’s English Department.

Below are some answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ):

1. How and to whom will I submit an essay or review for possible publication to Style?
There will be no change in initial submissions to Style, from the present into the new year, other than ALL submissions must be done electronically, either in Word or Word Perfect. Please send all manuscripts, reviews, and questions about them, as you have been doing but now only electronically, to the Editor, John V. Knapp, For queries and other Style matters, you may call me during the day (608) 345-0509, or post such questions in the mails to: 330 Reavis Hall, Dept. of English, Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, Ill. 60115, USA.

2. How will Libraries, other institutions, and individuals subscribe to Style, or buy individual issues, or request permission to reprint essays and/or reviews?
For fall 2014 and subscriptions for volume 49 and following the date specified in this announcement forward (Jan 2, 2015), all requests for subscriptions, current prices, and any financial transactions will be done for Penn State UP via Johns Hopkins UP subscription services. These can be made via three different media:

Phone: (800) 548-1784 or (410) 516-6987;
Post:   Johns Hopkins University Press, P.O. Box 19966, Baltimore, MD 21211-0966 

Additionally, institutions can subscribe to the electronic version of Style through JSTOR.

3. Who will now decide what gets published in Style? Have the standards and and/or the scholarly interests of the journal,as stated on the current mast-head, changed?
As has been the case since January, 2007, all decisions about acceptances and rejections will still be made by the NIU English Department Editor, in consultation with the many referees and readers who generously donate their time and expertise to Style and to the discipline of literary criticism and scholarship.The several emphases of Style, as described on our masthead below since 2007, will remain during my tenure as Editor.Of course, as any journal devoted to the expression of disinterested scholarship would agree, we have sought out a variety of critical approaches and we will continue that policy into the next two years at least.

Thank you for your continued interest in Style.

John V. Knapp, Editor, Style
330 Reavis Hall
Department of English
Northern Illinois University
DeKalb, IL 60115 USA