Undergraduate Programs

Undergraduate Programs

English majors select one of three tracks:

  • Studies in Literature
  • Studies leading to Secondary Licensure in English Language Arts (for entrance requirements, see teacher licensure)
  • Studies in Writing

In all three tracks, majors take courses in American and British literature, along with courses in English language, linguistics, and writing. Educator licensure students take courses that prepare them to teach English at the middle and secondary levels. Although the requirements for majors in all three tracks ensure wide exposure to literary genres and periods and more, English majors also have the flexibility to select courses that especially interest them. We recommend that majors talk those choices over with an English adviser.

The department offers an 18-hour minor in English. Minors take two required courses: English 200 (Literary Study: Research and Criticism), English 300 (Advanced Essay Composition), and English 207(Fundamentals of English Grammar). The other four courses are selected by the student to complete the minor. Some English minors focus on a single literary genre or period. Others focus on writing or linguistics.

English undergraduate courses can fulfill requirements in a number of minors at NIU:

  • Professional Communication
  • Comparative Literature
  • Classical Studies
  • Linguistics
  • Women's Studies

A concentration in Medieval Studies is also available.

The Department of English works to enhance students' academic careers in other ways, too:

Majors and minors can take advantage of for-credit internship opportunities in writing and editing.

  • Many English majors and minors participate in study abroad programs in Oxford and Dublin.
  • The department offers an honors program for its majors and regularly offers courses for the University Honors Program.

For more information contact the program Secretary, Jodi Long, at 1.815.753.1606 or jodilong@niu.edu.