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Faculty News

  • Ibis Gomez-Vega has published an essay titled "Censoring the Essentialist Call of the Wild in Amy Newman's 'Darwin's Unfinished Notes to Emma.'" Journal of American Studies in Turkey 48 (Spring 2018): 45-63.  The essay is based on a poem written by Amy Newman.
  • The latest issue of Style, a double issue, 52.1 & 52.2, guest edited by the narratologist, James Phelan, is now available.  The issue includes Phelan's "target essay," -- Authors Resources Audiences:  Towards a Rhetorical Poetics of Narrative -- summarizing the field of narrative and literary character in about 35 pages, and followed by extended comments by some 25 other narrative scholars from across the world.  Phelan concludes with his rejoinders to all of them (individually or in aggregates).
  • There is a book review of Kay Redfield Jamison's new:  Robert Lowell:  Setting the River on Fire -- A Study of Genius, Mania, and Character (2018), and reviewed by NIU's own Ph.D., Dr. Brian Edwards, author of Mood Spectrum in Graham Greene (2015).
  • Scott Balcerzak’s new book Beyond Method: Stella Adler and the Male Actor has been published by Wayne State University Press.
  • Jessica Reyman’s “Open Access and the Economics of Scholarship in Rhetoric and Composition Studies” (co-authored with Mike Edwards) has been published in the journal Rhetoric Review 37.2 (2018).
  • Jessica Reyman was interviewed for a special issue of the journal Present Tense on the “Rhetoric of Platforms.” Read the interview: “Rhetoric, Responsibility, and the Platform: An Interview with Jessica Reyman"
  • Alex Bennett's edited collection, The Collected Works of Jane Cavendish is now in print. It was published by Routledge Press.
  • Joe Bonomo just signed a contract for his next book, No Place I Would Rather Be: Roger Angell, a Writer’s Life in Baseball. It will be published by University of Nebraska Press in Spring 2019!
  • Tim Crowley has an article, "Sidney's Legal Patronage and the International Protestant Cause," forthcoming in Renaissance Quarterly (University of Chicago Press) (2019).

Student News

  • Jennifer Fife is the 2018-2019 recipient of the Jr. Schriber Scholar Award from the Department of English!
  • The following undergraduate students are the 2018-2019 scholarship/award winners in English:
    • Orville and Adra Baker English Scholarship: Maria Gonzalez
    • John C. and Judith M. Gurley Scholarship: Margaret Hitchcock
    • Rosalie Hewitt Scholarship in English Katie Simpson
    • Marjorie K. Winters Scholarship: Savanna Weitzel
    • Lynne Waldeland Scholarship in English: Catherine Carter and Brooklynn Gosnell 
    • Orville Baker Essay Awards:
      • First Place: Hailey Johnson, a tie for “‘The Past and Future Merge To Meet Us Here’: Convergence of High Art and Pop Culture in Beyoncé’s Lemonade” (ENGL 304, taught by Ryan Hibbett) and “If the Form Vanishes…” (ENGL 493, taught by Joe Bonomo)
      • Second Place: Maritza Huerta for “‘To live, love, and fully heal’ in Jonah’s Gourd Vine: Black marital relationships post-slavery” (ENGL 381, taught by Tim Ryan)
      • Third Place: Lenora Murphy for “‘Anything Coming Back to Life Hurts’: An Analysis of Rebirth in Toni Morrison’s Beloved” (ENGL 200, taught by Deborah DeRosa)
    • Richard H. Howland Poetry Writing Award: Sze Ying Lim
    • Mike and Anne Malone Award for Short Fiction: Sze Ying Lim for “Remember December 31”
    • Jeannie A. Hainds Award for Teacher Licensure in English: Ashley Liggins, Zahra Muhsin, and Amanda Riley
    • CLAS Exemplary Student Teacher Awards: Stephen Brejcha and Melissa McCarter
    • Dean’s Award: Ryan Janovic

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